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Who is Ambiologix?

The word Ambiologix means around logic and is based on infusing logic into our decisions. Created by Maria Flynn, an entrepreneur herself who has worked with many entrepreneurs, growing businesses, Ambiologix was born out of the hope of bringing many years of lessons and education to future entrepreneurs and business owners.

Starting, owning, and operating a business can be lonely and challenging. We wanted to create an opportunity for business owners to get the guidance, tools, education, and personable help they need to succeed at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Not only do we help provide networking opportunities, mentors, and strategic assistance, but we also want to see you grow both personally and professionally.

Whether in biotech, health tech, or tech, we are there to offer the resources, direction, and helping hand you need to make your business goals a reality.

Let us help you bring the joy back to business ownership.

Our values help you make things happen


We pass on our excitement to you, and we are delighted to see you thrive and grow in your business.


As the saying goes, we fully believe in treating others how we wish to be treated.


Your business is yours! We are there to help and bring education and guidance along the way, and our goal is to help you bring success to your business.


We want you to reach your goals in the smartest, fastest, and best way possible to get you the greatest results.

Don’t know where to start?

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