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Entrepreneurship has its unique set of struggles. As your business grows, your own growth should be a priority to keep up with your business. We help you structure your goals, achieve those goals, surpass obstacles, find answers, and connect you with mentors, investors, and clients.

Ambiologix specializes in helping entrepreneurs in startups and scaling companies in the health tech, biotech, and tech industries. From starting, to scaling, to selling a business, we are there every step of the way to ensure the best results for you and your company.



Maria Flynn, an entrepreneur with repeated success in technology companies, created Ambiologix to share the lessons she learned. Her goal is to help other entrepreneurs achieve success in their businesses and to propel them to their best and strongest selves.


Bringing innovation and change to the industry as you bring your business to life.


Prioritize your next steps within your business and start on the strongest path.


Focus on the team, processes, and leadership that get you to the next level.


Maintain growth while moving through the time-consuming exit process.


“Maria brings together a truly rare combination of talents - she’s smart, hardworking, and most importantly thoughtful about strategy.”

Josh, Gradient Health

“Maria is incredibly talented, competent, and professional with an instinctual out of the box forward-thinking capability. I can't say enough about how she positively embraces challenges and tough projects with confidence and ease.”

Pam, P3BC

“She's a rockstar with startup and business advice. I rely on her insights when dealing with investors. And she's awesome at making the connections I need.”

Chris, Goodroads

“Her entrepreneurial and founder background gave her the ability to connect with me and the team in a peer-to-peer relationship where she showcased empathy as well as encouragement and push when we need it. … Maria is an ally every founder should have by their side!”

Beatriz, Musicasa

“She was a source of calm and 'everything will be fine' [as she] worked with me in helping us track the right metrics & offered super relevant introductions when apt. Also — she was full of great ideas that ended up giving me & the team a lot of inspiration on what to look for in our user behavior.”

Anushk, Circle Labs

“As a first-time founder, I really appreciated her mentorship on hiring, hypothesis development, data & metrics, and developing confidence as a founder. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything related to startups and has a very strong and wide network she was able to easily connect me to. Anyone would be lucky to receive Maria's mentorship!”

Jessica, Radia

“Maria is an incredibly talented leader. As a mentor and advisor to me as I started a new company, Maria was just the right balance of support and real tactical skills. Her focus on metrics-based assessment and growth helped me to make critical decisions for my company that helped us succeed in a difficult market.”

Lauren, KEIPhone

“She was tremendously helpful in pushing us to hone in on our key metrics and to always think bigger about how we can move the needle. Maria was also willing and able to make any introductions on our behalf to people she believed could be great resources for us. I highly recommend Maria for her expertise as a mentor, connector, and coach for any business operator!”

Chudi, Beatmatch

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